Thursday, 20 November 2014

New start!!

So it is today, 20th November, 2014, in the 21st century, that I will start my new blog about how to survive (at least) 365 days without a freezer!

It sounds silly, right?! Why would I want to live without a freezer? It is such a convenient thing, specially when you overcook and store the leftovers there or when you plan ahead the week's meal and freeze a bunch of meals in zip-lock bags or even you just want to eat some ice-cream! So it does not really make sense that one would want to undergo this crazy experience of living without a freezer?!! Anyways, the thing is that 2 days ago my freezer just "exploded" and does not work anymore... So it was (and still is) a bit of a chaotic situation in my kitchen, all the food was melting, water in the floor, what to do with it? Very stressful day!! So I spent yesterday afternoon cooking 2 different soups (already with 2 in the fridge), cooking 2 trays of lasagna, 1big bowl of seafood rice, 2 types of stir-fry noodles and I did not have time to make a casserole, so that one is for today :)

Plus, I will try to survive not only without freezer, but also buying organic, sustainable, fair trade and local food and cooking my vegan experiments!

Another thing, I am hopefully thinking that this new situation will help me balance the cooking for 1-2 persons, instead of cooking one meal that lasts the whole week :)

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